Monday, April 4, 2011

.......and savasana!

hi friends, forgive my absence yesterday, i have been quite down lately due to everything and nothing, you get what i mean??! No? well...where do i start..i suppose i just share snippits of it you may have gathered from my posts that my running hasnt been going so well due to extreme soreness in my calves.. i most i can run 5km but then they start to cramp and hurt...its been 8days since i did my last long run. its not unusal that i get muscle sorness but this much and for this long...? its put a huge hualt in my training for the run for the kids. naturally i had an 11km run yesterday that i prepared for, carbo loaded ect..that i wasnt able to was just plain disapointing,,
and well i just rather not go into the rest other than say that some pretty awful things have happend in group work at uni and im just suprised about how cruel some people can be to others..

needless to say after 9hrs at uni (YES 9 HOURS)  all i wanted to do was come home and have a long savasana.

literally i think i did this for at least 30mins...did it help? alittle bit!
highlights of the day included (yes there were highlights)
  • the step class i took at lunch time at the gym, followed by 30mins of active recovery on the bike
yes and my face did look like this ":) step classes make me happy
  • my mum and dad being so supportive and kind to me knowing i had an awful day
  • having beautiful friends by my side
tomorrow is my offical day off exercise but my body is screaming for some yoga so i think i might have to get on it tomorrow morning

ok kiddies im off to bed
sorry for the lack luster post today...tomorrow is a new day
Any tips you use to deal with diffuclt people at work/school? i always let them get to me thats my downfall..


  1. maybe your body is telling you to slow down? our bodies are pretty smart like that, hopefully your legs stop hurting soon so you can run for the fantastic cause, and you know what it doesn't really matter if you can run it or not, its a fantastic cause!! :)

  2. oh nat! i know it's such a cliche but you have to just know that it's really their problem and not yours. think how horrible and miserable their lives must be if they can behave like that and treat other people terribly. they deserve your pity but aren't worth your sadness or anger. you are such a lovely person, try not to let them bring you down to their level.

    - dakas x