Thursday, April 21, 2011

essay writing and yoga

this is yeaterdays post that i was unable to put up because of my crappy net ...sorry folks

hi friends how was your day? mine was lovely...i woke up early to meet my lovely friend jess for breakfast. then reterned home and hit the books to write an essay..
nothing terribly exciting ....sorry everyone..
writing essays makes me feel like this..

food today looked like this..

lunch was some left over veggies from dinner a few nights ago..

afternoon snack: toast with cheese ham and tomato..
lentil soup for dinner, while typing away at the essay still!

what certainly made my day way making it to bikram yoga tonight!! Gosh i needed it...the class was extra hot and sweaty and the perfect level challenging-ness (i speak english good )
is it just me or do you find you sleep extra well after a evening bikram class?

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