Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The run for the kids 2011

hi friends, how are we? excuse the delayed post the internet has been super crappy around here for the last few days..
anyway...I did it! i finished my longest race to date.. it was 14.38km :)
not my best race, since my back has been super sore lately, my physio thinks i may have bulged a disk..so i hope he is not reading...(sorry john i had to run)

So ill re cap the day from the start shall i?
the best thing about this race was it didnt start till 9.15am so i didnt have to wake up super early..
i woke up at 6.30 and had the usal breakfast, pot of green tea
 and oats with blueberries
 i had laid out my things for the morning the night before so i wouldnt forget anything, turns out i did forget my purse, oh well at least i was running not shopping :)
 i got to alexander avenue where the race started about 45mins before the race started which was enough time to check my bag in, stand in the huge toilet line, and meet my lovely friend/running soul mate steph!
we both had had bad luck with our health in the past 2 weeks and werent 100%, the poor thing had been in hospital 3 times in the last week! So our plan was to take it slow, walk when we needed to walk.

the race wouldnt have been a race without pre race poses!

 and we took our spots in our coral.. i was quite excited and eger to start as the race only got underway at 9.40am
 the run was beautiful though, and the weather definately came out for us..
 steph and i did much better than we expected, we only ended up walking about 2.5km all up, if that. Our pace was slow but our spirits were high and we definately enjoyed ourselves..
we were also please that even when walking we overtook people!
 the views of the city were really pretty i wish i took more pictures! but its really hard to take photos and run! i dont know how other runners do it!

 as many of you may know, i am not a running buddy sorta girl, sure i like the company but the other persons pace often intimidates my snail pace, i prefer to run my own race...however..that was before i ran with steph...she is my running soul mate and made the run so much fun thanks steph! i never want to run a race without you!!!
i ran with steph all the way untill the last drink stop where i lost her, so i did the last 3km alone...that was ok.
i crossed the finish line in under 2 hrs, i wasnt impressed at all with my time but given my back i did quite well i suppose.. it held up well and only really started to hurt badly towards the end.. a week of rest definately helped. the offical times come out tomorrow so ill let you all know then, i suspect it was about 1hour 46mins or something..

oh and i just had to show you this little guy..
during the most boring informatics class today, i turned around to look out the window and this little guy was staring at me..hello cocky!

ok enough from this crazy bird crippled lady xo

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