Friday, April 22, 2011

Know the cost of your treats this Easter..

hi friends..
its my second favorite holiday of the year in a few days so i thought id do a post on easter eggs! who doeant like chocolate i mean seriously..and if your anything like me, its easy to get carried away.
So what better way, to stop yourself from getting carried away than to know your facts..?!

5 mini mars eggs...179 calories
one cadbury creme egg 150calories

hot cross bun 50g 150 calories
mini lindt bunny 50g 272 calories

ok these arnt too bad..but remember the portion sizes shown here are SMALL..
its definately the time and exuse to indulge but before you do, this may put your binge into perspective..

  • you have to perform vigorous jumping jacks for 27 minutes to burn 240 calories, that equals 1,620 jumping jacks to undo just one little chocolate bunny.
enjoy easter, be with your family and friends , enjoy the chocolate i know i will :)


  1. I have never seen those mars eggs before! Yum!! Oh one of my favorite things about easter is hot cross buns! Eat one every year.

  2. i wish i could say i only ate one every year :) i eat lots

  3. Thanks for putting these treats in perspective...lets just say I would have to do a lot of jumping jacks to make up for this Easter's treats!
    This is the first year in a while without hot cross buns--I miss them!