Sunday, May 1, 2011

Whats been going on..

hi kids!!! i cant believe its been a week since i have checked in such a bad blogger im so so sorry..lets aim for it to never happen again..ok? OK!
so where i have i been? gosh where do i start
i went down to the beach house of a lovely man (perhaps more on that later...perhaps not:)), on monday and
tuesday. My back has been still quite sore this week and i have to admit i have been quite down on myself becuase of that..

there has been something i wondered whether i should share for a long time on this blog, and i figure i should have done it along time ago right now.. i really struggle with depression from time to time.. being in controll of my diet sleep and exercise really really help me and loosing the ability to do alot of what i love has been really hard for me. unfortunately depression still has quite a stigma in our society and people dont often share the fact that they have the illness with others becuase they feel that they have something to be ashamed of...which honestly is just wrong..  One in five australians will experiance depression within their life time.. Personally manging my condition has taken alot of time, but i can honestly say i have gotten to a point that along with medication i can function just fine ..and continue to do wonderful things...this week has justbeen a small hicup.

Im seeing the phsyio tomorrow to discuss my options and hopefully he can give me a solution to get my back back on track (pardon the pun)...otherwise i will just have to take some time out of running, although this really really saddens me perhaps i should look at it as an opportunity to explore other forms of exercise... which honestly will mean more yoga!! who can be upset with that honestly!!
doesnt this picture just make you happy ...seriosuly?!! i want my kids to be like this  (sorry weird yoga mum alert!!!

so with that said, lovely blog readers im going to call it a night..just thought id check in and explain a few things to you all wont be mad at me and stop coming back.. i will be seeing you all tomorrow i have planned quite a few exciting posts plan and im very excited about the future of this blog..

information and support if this post appeals to you at beyond blue

support your friends, love others and give yourself permission to love you

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