Monday, May 2, 2011

lulu lovely day..

hi friends... happy monday!! why am i so perky for a monday you ask?? well today i was WINNING charlie sheen style!
sorry i just had to throw in the pic :)

if the heading doesnt give you a hint.. then perhaps heres one more....

ok if that hasnt helped then you have to start reading my blog more often, ok ok ok im going to stop teasing you now.. after 5 months of interviews and meetings... today i finally sealed the deal and became one of the lululemon family.................happy dance!!

psst melbourne friends lululemon is opening a store in westfield doncaster :)
its been so hard keeping it from you all of these months, i start offically in a few weeks!its going to be hard to tell my other job that i have basically just started that im leaving, but its for the best..ive come to realise that i cant please everyone but sometimes if i dont look out for myself and follow my own dreams one else will! Working at a company such as lululemon has been a goal of mine for quite awhile  and honestly there were times in the last few months when i thought it would never happen! But i had to wait..there was a time for me where it was going to work out perfectly.. what im trying to say is, everything happens for a reason.. if you keep trying, keep pushing at your goal, you'll get there!

alrighty kiddies, im super tired after netball and a crazy day..see you all tomorrow xo

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