Saturday, April 9, 2011

seedy little worker

hi friends..
how are you traveling? im very sore..something in my back is inflamed from my poor form, pushing myself on the dreadmill the other night.. so its offical 7 days of no running or impact activity :( i think i will use this time to get back to yoga..lots of hot yoga :)

other than my sore back and calves.. saturday is mostly a blur after last night. i had so much and we partied into the early early hours of the morning., Needless to say i was not the happiest chappy at work today..and boy is it hard to act chirpy infront of  my boss when my mood reflects this:

anyway...self inflicted no sympathy i get it :)
afterwork i went home and slept...for 3 beautiful solid 3 hours..There is nothing to do when you have had no sleep and am banned from cant even feel bad..well yeh apart from the homework i could have done.

well no food shots today because...hmm without fail every day after the night before i crave and i mean crave the point where thats all i can stomach. I've always wondered why but then i realised.. Alcohol is a depressant and lowers blood sugar levels....therefore causing you to crave carbs and refined sugars. Im sure thats right, correct me if im wrong. Either way..grog is a killer to the healthy diet..and it seems that thats where alot of people my age go wrong is with a night full of high carb and sugar loaded drinks, followed by a greasy carb loaded day after.
to be honest my splurge is a cheesymite scroll, not as though i hit up macdonalds  but by my standards it just makes me feel rubish and certainly isnt the right food to fuel my body.

saying all this...what am i doing tonight? Im going out.. with my lovely friend catherine to see a band which are going to be great, then we are off to a pub to have a wine or too :) i think its just one of these weekends, although tonight will definately be in moderation!

heres a clip of the band..they are called The Holidays they are from NSW and they are amazing live, you should download some of their stuff

anway friends thats all from me tonight im off have a lovely night and i will see you all tomorrow xo

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