Friday, April 8, 2011

goon of fortune :)

hi friends HAPPY FRIDAY
hope ur all having a lovely day i know mine has improved since i left work!... i saw a physio friend today and consulted him about my back and leg issues and basically have been told to rest...yes R-E-S-T...What?! i know but i think he happens to know what he is talking about..something got a shock in my back and is inflamed so i have to let it heal so i can run my best race for run for the kids.. yes that means my training is not complete but i just will have to do my best.

this is will have to be a super quick post becuase once again i am half way out the door on my way to a friend of mines going away house party..this friend is notorious for having wonderful house parties and that aside i will miss him very much. He is going to the Northern Territory to be a tour guide for 6months so GOOD LUCK DAVE!! so im very excited to be going out to be playing some goon of fortune... whats goon of fortune you may ask?
its basically a wine sack pegged to a clothes line and whirled around...yey!! ok its a very 'college' game but hey..that where i am at the moment so i may as well enjoy it as i can :)
so im off to act my age see ya xo

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