Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keeping it real.

hi friends...its almost the weekend yey. hope you thursday was wonderful, mine certainly was, the weather is so lovely at the moment i almost wish it would stay like this..but if there was snow in the mountains it would be 100000 times better...for sho!

Anyway maybe i announced my comeback to pain free running too soon.. becuase todays 8km certainly didnt happen. i again retreated to the dreadmill becuase it was dark and i thought that running on a completely flat surface would help...where i run is very hilly which is great training, just not at the moment unfortunately.

 SO HERES THE DEAL... i think i have really shocked my body..i have gone from running 1 -2 times per week to running long distances 4 days a week. I have a plan drawn up for me and its not as though its over the top or anything but it just aint what my little legs are used to... so SOLUTION would ultimately be to tell my legs to drink a cup of concrete and harden up..

but really, i know it doesnt work that way... so im going to have to take a step back and ease into it. I do have a 14.38km race next sunday which i will run to the best of my ability, whether my body will be conditioned enough to run a half marathon in not sure, so from now on id like to say im preparing for the half in october..
ive spoken to many people at the gym (all qualified professionals) and they have all advised me different things, which i am taking on board. I am going to see a podiatrist to see what my form is like and to consult him about the best shoe for me. I am going to see a massage therapist to hopefully help me deal with my DOMS. And im going to ease into it. So i will keep you informed of my progress.

while i was running today something occured to me that bothered me, maybe because i bought into the myth. I read lots of blogs which are written by wonderful, inspiring ladies who run marathon after marathon after marathon... seriosuly like you would just put chips in your mouth..they run marathons. They make is sound so easy and tend to forget to mention all the grueling moments.. of Blood, Sweat, Vomit and Tears, they forget to mention the ice baths, the stretching, the yoga and the lack of time and energy to put into other forms of exercise..running is an extreamly disaplined activity, and if you want results its dam hard!

Well friends becuase i am a wimp, i will never keep gross details from you... my aim to to be as real as possible in my posts, theres no point having you believe something is easy when its not, dont get me wrong anything is possible if you put your mind to it. i honestly believe that if you want something and work hard to achieve it there is no reason why an average person cant to amazing things
 it wont do you any favours to live in the dark though and set out thinking something is a walk in the park when its not.. you may end  like me...very sore and all carbed up and unable to run...nawwww it aint so bad. i will live.. i am going to learn how to walk before i run...theoretically of corse.

anyway thats it for me today
see you all tomorrow

Readers question
Have you had any similar experiances in running or any other exersise? What was the answer for you?
What have you achieved that has amazed you?

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