Thursday, April 7, 2011

welcome back legs..

hi friends how was your day? mine was lovely... the weather today was so warm and nice that it makes me feel like winters a long way off.. thats a good and bad thing i guess cos i hate being cold but i love the snow.. (yes im weird, warm snow would exist in my perfect world)
so anyway as i mentioned my race kit for the run for the kids came yesterday eeekk!!! im dreading and so excited for it at the same time

i had my first sucessful run in a week today and it felt so so so good.
i crammed it in at night, i miss daylight savings already, so i had to go to the gym to use the dreadmill. i had it on 1incline and ran 5km in just over 30mins which im quite happy with. Going to attempt 8-10 tomorrow, well thats at least what my training plan says, we shall see how the legs are feeling.

food today looked like this
breakfast was a hot cross bun,...i love easter just as much for these as i do the chocolate
lunch was 2 eggs a small tomato and green onion... its was me 110% better than it looks, may have burnt it alittle..
and i went out for dinner with some beautiful ladies that i used to work with, it was lovely to catch up with them and all the gossip, i definately have to make an effort to do it more often
i ate a thai beef was yum

i snacked on fruit and drank my body weight in tea :)

thats all for know kids
see you tomorrow xo
readers question...
anyone in melbourne doing run for the kids?
what races have you go coming up? hows your training going?

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