Sunday, May 15, 2011

Colds, meet the puppy dogs and tea

hi friends, how are you all traveling..? thanks for sticking around after blogger yet again decided  to play up, Not happy blogger!! anyway im doing ok winter has definately set in here it is COLD!
Today wasnt the most exciting day i worked, came home, intended to go to the gym but fell asleep. This weather makes me want to crawl into a ball in a bunch of blankets and stay there...

anyway tonight i im having an early night because David and i have a huge day planned tomorrow.
in the morning we are taking  my two fav puppy dogs in the whole world on the RSPCA million paws walk.. around albert park lake.

LILLY she is my favourite

OSCAR. i love oscar, but david loves him a lot more! this dog is so hypo loving and friendly! oh and the bowl will be off my tomorrow, thank goodness the poor thing was going crazy
after the walk we are doing one of my favorite things...SHOPPING!! david need new...well a lot of things (i think he has been waiting for me to help, and i have no problem with that). And i need a new lulu outfit to wear in the store yipeee!!!

and in the evening im meeting my best girlfriends from uni for dinner..
been super slack on the workout thang but my body isnt feeling good at all, tonight i did some yoga and stretching but i am missing sweaty cardio like you would not believe..ive past the feeling of crazyness and am just hysterical now, so everyone pray for my naughty back to stop being sore..mmmmk?!
ok friends im off to bed...huge day ahead night xo
FUN FACT: try a cup of english breakfast tea for your next post workout drink. Research by dietitions at the UK Tea Advisory Panel, published in the britsh journal of nutrition found downing 4 to 6 cups of tea a day is as hydrating as drinking 1.5 litres of water, despite the fact that tea contains caffine.

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