Monday, May 16, 2011

whirlwind day

hi friends happy monday!! hope your all keeping warm and well. Going back to uni after the fun day i had yesterday was not the funnest thing i could have thought of doing today, but we gotta do what we gotta do right?!
Anyway what a day it was!! We began the morning with the million paws walk around albert park lake
i had never seen so many dogs in my life, big ones little ones, fluffy ones ...the list goes on.
i had the pleasure of walking this little girl..LILLY we had a lovely walk and she only fell in the lake once! oops.. but she was ok i fished her out and she didnt go near it again! thank goodness.

david and i spent the rest of the day shopping for and shirts for him and i may have stopped by lululemon to
pick up some workout gear for work, which i happen to be wearing as we speak. gosh they are so comfortable and warm..
i also bought a red scoop neck tank which i cant wait to wear

we spent the whole day walking around the city.. and then in the eveing we both went our separate ways .. i had dinner with my lovely friends from uni and he had a boys dinner.

jodie, em, jess, laura, dani, me

we went to Shanghai dumplings.. gosh they are so yum i think i enhailed 100000 of them..this is our fav place then we moved on to have crepes
they are amazing!! i had nutella and strawberries in mine :) simply yum..i think i have found a new addiction! But considering im being paid now to swear spandex from now on..i think this will be a special occasion food only! Now if this day could be anymore full on we decided on going ice skating afterwards..

gosh i was so tired by the time david came to pick me up
Today was a no brainer, just uni, home then off to netball later tonight. Tomorrow im off to do my lulu educator training so excited ill keep you all posted ...see ya xo


  1. Yum...I love crepes! My husband sometimes makes them at home for breakfast for special occasions and the best way is to have them with nutella and strawberries, great choice!