Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get those legs ready for the slopes!!

hi friends.. as you can tell im super excited for the snow season thats coming up as im sure many of you are.. skiing and snowboarding are fun ways to exercise, get your heart rate up and have an amazing workout! However every year many people get injured on the slopes unnessiarily as they are simply not prepared, before you get out on the that snow you have to make sure you muscles are about to support your joints..

Staying true to my promise a few days ago here are some simple exercises that will help you stay injury free and ensure you have a fabulous season..

squats and lunges are great becuase they workout your quads. your quads are the most used muscles while skiing, these muscles hold you in position as you ski and they also provide protection for your knees. To increase the  intensity of both of these consider holding dumbells, between 3-10kg

Side leg lifts are great exercises to do to prepare your thighs for the snowsports.Your inner thighs work like crazy to keep your skis together. Your outer thighs keep your body stable and help you change directions.
another exercise that will strenghten your thighs is plank leg lifts. this one is great because it also tones your core!

 Because your knees are bent as you ski, your calves help you stay upright so you don't fall over, not to mention having calves that are strong will reduce muscle soreness post skiing. To work out your calves i sugest calf rises.
shift body weight from your heels to your toes, add weights to increase intensity.

4.  Having a base cardio fitness..
having a basic cardio fitness will ensure your overall body is strengthened and your muscles will not go into shock and become very very sore the day after. Being physically fit means you can spend longer on the slopes and enjoy your day without being limited. i recommend cross training, cycling and running.

ok kiddies i hope you enjoyed this post and will have have a lovely season :) hopefully the snow gods are good to us :)

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