Monday, June 27, 2011

blog is back!

hi friends..!

Gosh its been a long time hasnt it? and althought this blog has been absent lately i have been thinking of you and i have SO SO much to tell you...i find it alittle overwhelming..

I have found my life turned up side down in the past 2 months and adapting to it has been a great challenge and a fantastic learning curve about myself, time management and balance!

First things first im so excited to announce that there is a wonderful man part of healthy balancing act's blog, who might make an appearance here and there . Hi David!
We have some adventures planned within the next 3 months and i cant wait to share them with you! :)

the other thing that has kept me super busy is this little guy: guest it!! lululemon! im really excited to announce the we have opening a new store in doncaster! we opened on saturday which means the past week as been nuts! i have worked over 30 hours in the past week and the weeks before even more putting in the hours to get the store ready!
who would have thought, not only are we educators and yogis..we are cleaners, wearhouse workers and IT people too!

 My main role apart from being an educator within the store is community! this is huge! it involves me meeting local yoga and fitness intructors within the stores community and helping them become envolved in our store if they wish and be supported by the community. In the last month i have been blessed to meet so so so many inspiring people.
Want to learn more and see meet my fellow educators?! check out our facebook page

What else has been up? Well im still doing my exams ..i have a whole month of exams which will end this wednesday...and seriously i cannot wait! although i study alot (2 degrees and a certificate) i do not enjoy exams they make me scared!

Ive been trying to balance all this busy ness with yoga and there is snow in the mountains so i have to make more time to ski... i have only been up there once this season.. i am inproving my multitasking skills though!
me doing some yoga on the slopes ..

so the plan is from now share alot of my lulu and life experiances with you all becuase missing out on writing my blog makes me sad ...thankyou for sticking with me through my hiatus
cant wait till my next post i may have some fun pictures  for you all...


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