Thursday, May 5, 2011

sickly yoga and lovely people

hi lovely blog people! Sorry for the late post, my internet was being nasty yesterday evening..

How are we all today? im a bit bleh...more on that later, though. My day started out great i met my beautiful friend jess for a quick breakfast catch up. Then i had work..this is where my day started going down hill. I started to feel really sick at work, but becuase it was only a 4hr shift i just tried to think of something else. As soon as i got home i went straight to bed.. i cant remember the last time i felt as though i was going to puke all the time..(too much information?! sorry )
anyway turns out i should have stayed in bed becuase if you dont already know my fav part of wednesdays is that they are bikram yoga days! The first half of the class i wasnt too bad but then i progressively felt really dizzy and ill, and when it came to the sit ups and bending over way..was not going to happen, without a disaster!
The last time i remember being so distressed in a brikram class was my first class..i spent most of my time in savasana. Nothing makes me more upset than having to sit out of yoga when everyone is becoming sweaty yoga noodles and im left just plain sweaty.

anyway i guess it just comes down to some days you have good days and some days you dont.. What made my day was i got a visit from my lovely and perhaps rather new boyfriend David. Oh he may have been the same person who gave me these a night before
anyway enough mooshy stuff im off to sleep to try and feel better for tomorrow

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