Thursday, October 6, 2011

Changes and new directions..

hi friends..
hows life sailing along for you? things have been a whirl wind around here as usal.. but i wouldnt have it any other way!
I had an ultrasound on my stomach muscles last week to try and work out where the pain is coming from in my back. It turns out my muscles that support my spine are quite weak and thats why running is painful. I have six months of physio, pilates and swimming ahead of me. Im looking at it positively though, its a great opportunity for me to become a great swimmer, and this will assist in future triathalon and marathon cross training im aiming to do in the future :)

I have a few really exciting things to share with you..

  • On tuesday my boss invited me to a landmark forum education night, she had just completed the advanced course. I was well aware of the negative media is has recived. I promised myself I'd keep an open mind, "open mind, open heart" thats what i always say, and im so glad that I did. I actually found myself giggling at the accusations i had read on the net about it. i think that self developement leaves people feeling exposed and pushes them toward the edge their comfort zone, this takes courage, those not willing to participate turn their backs and make excuses becuase they are scared..this leads to ignorence and itss passed on to those around them..its so sad because the opportunity for self development should not be shyed away from.
Anyway, thats my opinion and everyone is allowed to own their own. I'm very excited that i signed up to attend the form with another girl from work. I have spoken to many friends that have completed the forum and i have only heard positive things.

  • I had a breakdown! I'm calling it a break through.. im so excited to finally be free of some of the weight that has been dragging me down lately. I have decided that completing my masters was causing more pain than it was worth, essentially it was poisening my spirit and the way i interacted with others.  "What matters most should never give way to what matters least". What matters most to me is my health and happiness.. i want to work in a job that inspires me to be creative and allows me to grow and develop. This got me thinking... the job i do right now does that! So im sticking with it, everyday i wake up and i go to work i love it, i am lucky to do this but it was a decision that took along time to make. Giving up on my masters studies was hard, it took to time for myself and those around me to see i wasnt giving up, and that i havnt wasted my time. So in six months i will graduate with a bachelor of health science, a degree that i wont use in the near future but that has taught me so much. Im really excited about the future and i cant wait to continue to share it with you!
I have also taken on an exciting new position at lulu..but ill save that for a later date ;)

  • And the third and final thing that i have to tell you is that i have signed up to do the oxfam trailwalker next april
i signed up with 3 other lovely ladies from work, we are walking 100km in 48hrs for oxfam, this is a great experiance for a fantastic cause.. and i cant wait to tell all about my experiance

well, well, well...this has been quite a emotional/ deep post..Change is a good thing though and setting goals in your life helps you to guide the change in your life

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