Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A few set backs but here i am!

 Im so sorry, trust me i may have been out of sight but you guys have definately been on my mind..
So where have i been you ask? and there...
  • In the past month i have started a new job, which has been completely full on and rewarding. I have had the chance to meet truely inspiring people. For the first time in a long time i can honestly say i am satisfied and stimulated by my job
  • Ive had my heart explanation needed we all know it sucks
  • Been on the most amazing road trip with a beautiful friend
went to Australia's biggest music festival and op shopped our way through counrty QLD
  • Gone away on a uni trip to the snow with the most amazing people i know!
(we also skiied when we werent dressing up)

  • struggled with my health...
this last point in rather a downer.. and i suppose i have been avoiding here becuase im not so proud so share with you all whats been happening. My back injury is no worse, but no better, im chronically tried and have had awful anxiety about this all..its all just been snow balling.. Doctors dont have answers which is fustrating and disheartening, and i have found myself being a person i promised myself that i had left in the past.

I choose to be well
I have been having accupunture recently which is helping, im having massages..which hurt like hell! Im seeing a chinese herbalist in 2 weeks, and i am eating a clean diet. I'm doing yoga regularly and building a relationship with swimming...(slowly).
I have come to realise that i'm a runner. I used to run well, when my body was strong. Now im still a runner but im taking some time..I will run again and when i do i will be so appriacte every moment of it..
there has been many tears over this, but there are worse things that could happen.

Excerise wise i can only walk small distances (5km or less) lift weights, yoga and swim. So im limited but living in the moment and thats exactly what im going to do..

another thing im going to do is come here more often i miss hearing from you all and sharing things with you all!

Thought for the day
Life is full of set backs, Success is determined by how you handle setbacks.

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