Monday, July 11, 2011

Failure to plan is failing to the plan begins!

hi friends...
well the time has come!....yes i cant put it off any longer... i must start training for my half marathon which is looming, october 9 is just around the corner. Although my back isnt 100% well ive gotta start running as within the next 14 weeks i have a week at the snow, a road trip interstate and a trip to bali which will try and off road my training.
the plan is to take it slow...lots of strength and yoga training on rest days to help my back and keep my core, im also going to swim more often .

Can i tell you a secret though? Im scared, im scared that i wont be able to do it. My mentality has always been 'if i train my mind my body will follow' so when my back gave in on my first long run a little over 3 months ago..nothing made sense to me anymore. My mind was still strong willed and i tried over and over to push through the pain but i just couldnt and this was really fustrating for me!

Over the past months i have learnt about core strengh and the importance of cross training and the R word

So i suppose theres nothing left to do than to going to try and do this...and if i end up walking a bit..well then thats what i will do...this is my first half marathon therefore it will be a bench mark to set for self which i can choose to improve on in the future. I'm refusing to believe that my body wont be able to overcome this injury or like i have been told i 'just wasnt born to be a runner'. Whether this me being determind, stubborn or stupid im not sure..
So here i go...and i suppose ill take all of you with me ..ill keep you posted

Thought for the Day
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


  1. do u need a running partner? i too have just got back into running after around 7 weeks off (maybe more) due to a stress fracture in my ankle! Im aiming to do the 1/2 mara in october too -and am going to start off slow. :) good luck with your training natalie!

  2. Hi Natalie I have been reading your blog on and off for a while... Your blog is very inspiring.. esp sometimes when I am thinking negative I will come here to read your stuff. I started running too. It was a big thing for me, cuz I used to only be able to run for like 5 mins, but two months ago I finished my first 5K run!!! so amazing. Girl, keep the faith! Do all you can do, even if you have to walk a little bit, at least you give your very best! Don't give yourself too much pressures, enjoy the experience.