Wednesday, July 6, 2011

hi friends
thanks for sticking around :) im still in the process of decided the direction for my blog.. i dont think this is the sort of blog where you will tune in to see everything ive eaten today...becuase 1, its not that dam interesting 2, im not always proud my less than perfect diet and 3 i eat three quarters of it and then remember to take a crappy iphone photo of it..Honestly i just think it makes for bad blogging in my case, there are wonderful blogs out there that do it so well so perhaps ill just leave it to them!  However now and then  ill show you some new things i have tried and my thoughts, im just not gonna make it a regular thing ya know?

So now we have that out of the way... i have a question for you all!


Ever since i started working at lululemon i have had the opportunity to meet heaps of inspiring individuals and learn about their lives ect.. the girls i work with are beautiful and its fantastic to be around people who live all sorts of different lives whether it be there prefered type of exercise and/or diet. I have had to opportunity to have insight into the lives of vegans, raw foodies and juicers and ask questions ect.

Alot of the girls are very healthy and very active so i suppose we all have something in common, and although i live a pretty healthy live there are areas, (particularly in my diet where i would like to make it alittle more cleaner).  The whole store has decided we are going to do a vegan challenge in world vegan month in November and im quite excited, more on that another time. In my case my job is motivating me in a good way...
But i can imagine if the environment of the workplace is negative or the culture is swayed a certain way it could be quite hard to make healthy choices and stick to them.


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