Monday, November 28, 2011

A new direction..

Hi friends..

How are you all doing? hoping the warmer wedding is giving you that extra motivation. I have exciting news to share with you all.. i have a new direction and a brand new big goal!

Most of you who come here often would know that my goals lately have been all about running, which is great! I love running....but my body, especially my back....didnt so much. Im putting running on hold for the moment. Not saying good bye but only doing a nice 5km once a week would suit me fine. My body was screaming at me i just needed time off.  I had made this decision before the last fun run  i entered about 7 weeks ago, it was time for a  rest. So after the fun run which i struggled through my back was not a happy chappy being all achey and mean to me i decided i was done for this year and would start again in march.  The problem was ...this was when the excuses started....after a long day at work when i was tired i would allow myself to sit on the couch and not gym or run.."resting is fine" i would tell myself. I began to recognise a pattern forming...only making it to the gym 4 times a week and i began to feel sluggish.

I work best when i have a goal to work to, and i new i had once under my sleeve but the problem was i assumed it would be something i would never do. Perceptions of others have held me back, i have allowed peoples negative veiws to interfere with what i was passionate about.. and thats no way to live!

I am so lucky to have a job where i am surrounded by amazing people, also  a job that allows me to meet people who chase their dreams within our community.  5 weeks ago i met a lady who was trying on clothes in our fit room who told me how she was about to go to new york to compete in a figure competition.. and i found myself saying..'ive always wanted to do that'!  This beautiful lady began to tell me that she used to wear a size 12 and be quite out of shape and if she could do it anyone could. I knew she was being modest and she had put alot of hard work into the body she had, but she inspired me!

Im going to be a figure competitor!

Yes i know, i have six long months of training and boiled chicken and broccoli to get through but im in week 4 right now and i feel amazing! My body is leaning out and i am noticing new muscles everyday.

This is difficult, scary and makes me want to cry sometimes when i want a sandwich and a latte.. the thought of being on stage nearly naked is horrifying at the moment ...thats why have to do this above all of barriers i have put up i really enjoy lifting weights and this is an experiance i have always want to have.   Goals have to be a little scary, otherwise where is the challenge!??

My goal is to compete in april, my trainer has advised me to wait and see how my body goes. I have decided to compete in the sports model category  which is the lowest and is quite natural but still requires a lot of training and very strict diet (yes christmas is going to be a hard time food wise).
 After my intitial comp, then i will assess my body and my training experiance and see if i would like to compete further in the next category. But right now im working towards April!!!

so at the moment im going for this look, which is more natural than the body building ladies..but we shall see what the future holds ;)

cant wait to share with you all my experiance with food and training and life in genral

stay tuned for a goal setting session soon

Whats your big scary goal that you have achieved or have always wanted to do? What inspired you/ what is holding you back?


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