Tuesday, December 6, 2011

learning lessons the hard way..

hi friends..
Hope your all doing well and smashing your goals one day at a time! I'm certainly trying here.

I'm in week 5 of training and seeing new muscles every week. I have been working hard with my PT and found a gym that will help me with the final details of training and prep and see me through to comp, which realistically is looking like it'll be in May. Most of you know that i plan on doing the oxfam challange in melbourne on the 20-22th April which involves walking 100km in 48hrs, so doing a figure comp on the 25th of april might mean that my body isnt ready. Time will tell..

So yesterday i met with the gym, had some pictures taken and really looked at what i have to work on to compete... I almost knew what i was going to be told be a suppose was reasuring to hear it from a proffesional.. MY LEGS.. need work ...they need muscles. My sholders also need to grow some muscles to create the illusion of symetry with my hips. Being a woman i have a pear shape and the judges look for symetry.

It hard work is going to be balancing my weight, becuase i'm quite active i have losing lately, so this means eating more... And not more chocolate..more healthy, clean, protien rich food. The results of not eating right were felt today.. I'm in love with the current Les Mills body attack #75 it challenges me in so many ways, but the last track today really hit me, i was so dizzy and went so pale, i spent the whole morning dazed /sleepy.

(this was so true in my case)
At first i was clueless to why i felt this way and assumed i was just having an off day, untill later on in the day when i realized i had forgotten to fill in my food diary from yesterday.  I sat down and as i did it, it all began to make sense. I spent the whole day yesterday running around doing little jobs, meeting gyms, dropping into work, having a PT session, playing a netball final, swimming to aviod DOMs. My food was off, i only ate 4 meals and although thats quite a lot of food for a regular person, not enough to maintain my energy levels..

I feel so stupid..i thought i was on top of it all and the first day i let it slip this happens.

I plan to do some food posts in the future so show what i am actually eating, but the genral plan looks like this:

  • Breakfast
  • Post workout meal
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon meal
  • Dinner
  • Evening meal

each meal is supposed to be well rounded with the main source containing protien then secondly carbs and thirdly fat. Each meal should contain between 300-400calories. The one i struggle with most is late at night, this is where all my trouble started today. Sometimes this means eating when im not hungry but when my body needs it. for example at 11pm i dont feel like eating tuna.. but thats what my body needs sometimes.

so people, thats where im at. Learning life lessons the hard way but either way learning knew things everyday.

 Has anyone else taken the new Les Mills body attack? what are your thoughts?

Natalie xo

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