Friday, January 27, 2012

Where I'm at..

Hi there!
I havnt forgotten about you all, gosh time does fly!
Im 13 weeks into my training now and i want to tell you how amazing i feel, but to be honest right now im pretty emotional ill expand more on this later. This whole experiance has been a roller coaster with lots of tears sweat and a tiny bit on blood (dont drop weights on your toes they hurt). This experiance is everything i could ask for in a goal, everyday i push myself to a point that i thought i would never reach and its an amazing feeling.
Where im at:
DIET10 days ago Bruce (my coach) and i decided to get serious about my diet, although i was eating very well and my diet was clean i have to up the anti to get into competition shape. This means having one day where i eat carbs for my first 3 meals (i now eat 5 even meals a day). And for the 3 days that follows my only carb meal is breakfast and the other 4 meals contain mostly protien and small amounts of vegies. So basically its one day of carbs and 3 days of mainly protien.  This is taking some getting used to, my energy levels are feeling loopy and on most days i could cry on cue, but as i said my body is just adjusting and like my first post where i said i was craving sandwiches and lattes, they went away. Basically my body is in a bit of shock and it has to get used to it.

BODY apart from energy levels which are mostly related to the sudden switch in diet my body feels great. Yep DOMs kicks me butt majorly and i am sore most days but its a feeling im growing to love. I have stoped noticing results lately, my body was platueing  from having the same diet and training for too long so im looking forward to seeing new muscles but its a long slow process for me as im starting from scratch. I just keep telling myself comp prep will never be is hard again! I'll let you know if this is true later down the track. Upper body is coming through nicely, legs are being stubborn but they are always the last parts to show, so im told. Body fat is at 18.4% .. i started at 22% and i have to be at 12-14% so we some hard work ahead, this means being in the gym some days twice doing weights and cardio ...i just try and keep my eyes on the prize... in this case for me its that bikini.
i just saying this over and over..
 and no pictures till im on stage... sorry to the people have asked but lets be honest, before pictures look better when you have something amazing to compare them too :)

Bikini: and finally the fun part!! ( diet is a ball!! still trying to re train my brain to think so)
The lovely Jo Rogers is designing my stage bikini, she has been so helpful and it is getting sewn as i type! Not going to give a lot away but its very sparkly!! I figured if i was going to have the dedication to get through the diet and training i may as well go all out bikini wise, and let me just say this is the most expensive item of clothing i have bought in my life! Yep more $$ than my debute dress shoes jewerly and bag put together, quite a scary thought when you put it like that...but its not a cheap im finding out.

Support: I'm so lucky to have the support i do otherwise, particularly at this point, i wouldnt be able to do it. I have the most wonderful coach who makes himself available 24/7 for me to call for advice, vent and cry too (yes i have cried more than i would have liked). I have a lovely trainer who will make me cry every time we train legs.. yep and thats exaclty why i want her to be my trainer! My friends and family who deal with me 24/7, complaining about diet, not being able to go out and eat and drink with them but love me anyway and loving me when im possessed by the devil on my 3rd day without carbs and am in a teary messs THANKYOU!!! (i just painted a really unattractive picture of myself then, im not that bad ALL of the time...promise)
No one can do this alone, not for the first comp anyway.. honestly it would be a little dangerous not to seek professional and experianced advice about diet and exercise changes.

THE DATE: The date of the comp has been changed! YES coaches and trainers are always right. i hope they arnt readers.. lol but i wont be my best self if i get up on stage in April. Yes this means more grueling hours in the gym but it means i will look better in my bikini and have more of a chance of placing (which is the aim of corse!)

so thats it at them moment, i aim to keep you posted more often than i have been lately..:)

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