Friday, March 16, 2012

The "Journey" into the world of bodybuilding.

oh my goodness me!! has it been this long? Oh dear... i have a really good excuse i promise :)

In week 21 of training now and have 7 weeks till i get up on stage. CRAZY how time flys. I really am not sure where to start, i hate the word "journey" it sounds so cliche but to be honest its the only word i can think of which describes the emotional rollercoaster ive been on preparing for this comp..

I laughed with my trainer today when i ask her if she thought i was an idiot when i told her 21 weeks ago  i was going to train to get up on stage for the first time and walk 100km charity walk 3 weeks before... Of corse she thought i was silly, apparently she told me i needed to be 100% focused on one goal...but i didnt listen ...i thought i knew it all. I Needless to say i will not be walking 100kms ...I learned pretty quickly that comp prep required an all or nothing approach.

In the past 2 and a half months i have been training 6-7 days a week (active recovery/cardio on day 7), 3 days a week i work out twice a day cardio then weights in the evening.
Between training i have started a new job, been studying to be a PT (which i love), nannying and completing placement for my course. Sometimes i feel like i have to remind myself to breathe.

The diet has sent me into an emotional rollercoaster at times.(lol the people around me would be saying most times)..i have experianced the highest highs and the lowest lows. Teaching my body to accept and function with carb cycling was difficult, then training my body to only fuction on carbs for breakfast ...feels like a constant challange.. 3 weeks out ill drop them completely.. we shall see how that goes.. I have complete trust in the guidence of my coach, im sure it will be fine.

The past 8 weeks i have really come to realise the value of having a support team behind me. For me my support team is my coach Bruce and my trainer Nicole, both have been on stage and both know the challenges and emotions that come with training and diet. I can not thank them enough.

I have come to notice that there are things that are not openly spoken about in the bodybuilding world. The main one would be struggles... everyone likes to make it out like its not hard. Like their diet arnt making them a crazy bitch, like they dont have problem dropping body fat because frankly their bodies are awsome, injuries..?? who has those? supportive families and understanding friends.. yep everyone has those too.. fatigue? no one ever mentions about this..

 Starting to see a pattern? Im not winging about the process. I understand that what i said can be looked at me trash bagging the sport..Im not.  I love it. I love the changes im seeing in my body and the challenge it presents me everyday. But im am quickly learning that its all about doing one thing, feeling one thing and presenting a different picture. I'm being real! Its a sport about deception .. making it look easy, and then getting up on stage standing a certain way, flexing this and that and smiling till your cheeks hurt and you want to pass out.. those poses are dam hard especially when your exhausted!.  Not only is it about presenting a certain package to the judges but also the other competitors.. this will never be me, im too raw with my emotions to fool any competitor, on stage well, thats where the practice comes in.

My coach has been real with me all the way through this and im so glad i have his guidence and support, but there are people out there who will tell you its easy, for one reason or another.

What i have learnt is that if your not focused on your goal, results wont come. There is no down time your always planning your next training session and timing your meals around life.. LOL i feel as though im forever cooking chicken (bless those little critters)

hence the word JOURNEY!

I have 7 weeks to go. Im more determined than ever, i push through the lows with my friends coach and trainer who are AMAZING and the highs are so rewarding. I cant wait to share with you more of my experiance, and for those who have asked the pictures are coming.. at the end lol

yours in fabulous health and fitness xo

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