Saturday, November 27, 2010

A bit of motivation...

i was over at angry trainer fitness doing the usal blog rounds reading whats going on and such and was hit with a whole new concept of thinking...this man is awsome..
A reader wrote to him asking how to keep motivation for working out as they usally got bored or just too tired when the seasons change and it throws then off their routine. His response was brilliant and just clicked with me becuase i too was struggling with the "do i go to the gym? i am tired, i have worked all day, it is a saturday night" train of thought,..

"Let me ask you this – do you find it harder to go to work in the summer, when it’s nice and sunny outside? I’m sure you’d rather be on the beach, or driving in a convertible somewhere. But you go to work anyway right, because you know that you have to? You set your alarm the night before knowing you have to show up the next day, and that people are depending on you. And you place a lot of value on the paycheck that you receive for your hard work.
Well guess what? You have to learn to see exercise exactly the same way and start placing the same value on it as you do your job. Exercise is absolutely necessary for optimal health and fitness. You can’t call in sick on a regular basis or you’ll get fired, and if you do it with your fitness regime you’ll be shortchanged on the dividends it pays. The same priority you assign to work, you must give to your exercise and nutrition program. In some ways exercise is more important because what good is having financial success if you don’t have the physical health to enjoy it?"

On  that note im off to the gym...yes it is a saturday night... but ive been out already this week and have had my hangover and carb load day now its time to work it off ...WHY? because i place value in  my health and well being and if it was my be getting fired..or seriously be in the bad books wise ive been horrible since wednesday and well i havnt excersied since my 10k on thursday..unless busting moves on the dance floor counts?!

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