Friday, December 17, 2010

Men argh!!!

Hi friends how are we all? Please excuse my grammar mistakes today as I'm blogggng while  x-training off my fustration and Ginger bread men i scoffed today... yes im sure i look odd but i will survive..(unless i fall off this thing..fingers crossed that doesnt happen)

caution this is quite a personal post..

so after having my post breakfast nap (yes i nap at 9am...popular with the over 60s its coming back in fashion for the younger gen) my body is retarded,  it was 12 and i started what i had intended to do.. which was make ginger bread men for christmas gifts. suprising how long it actually took to make and decorate them all!
then this afternoon i had a running date with i guy i have had a crush on for...forever(3 years) yes it was the same man i was talking about 2 weeks this was the second time we were seeing each other..going for a run...thats cool im all for keeping it casual. The problem with this guy is he doesnt give me any indictation that he is attracted to me...i mean he must have been right? we did hook up when we were both a little intoxicated at our uni party..
so is he just playing really casual? or is he just not that into me?
we finished our run and he kissed me on the cheek and said 'call me if you wanna run again'
WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?!!! i dont want a running buddy, i hate running with other people its a personal thing i prefer to do alone..on the other hand did he just mean hang out again? because im up for that ....wink wink
I DONT KNOW..  he is a pretty causal and laid back sorta guy in the first place (hence the amazing dreads he has)

gosh its been forever since ive done this dating/seeing sorta thing..the past 3 boyfriends ive had have never made me wonder if they like me at the start... but then again im definately not looking for any of there qualities in the next man i come across
so theres the ramble... i dont know...what do you think?

So here i the 24hr gym at a rediculous time of night blogging and cross training the hell out of myself because im confused...there is only one sort of man who wont confuse you...thats a ginger bread man. I know he will go straight to my thighs if i eat them at the pace i did today..oh but they are yummy and tis the season right?
got to go..and stop sweating on my iphone x

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