Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pity Party

Hi friends how are we all? Last night i found myself having a bit of a pity party for myself which followed an awful nights sleep and produced one sickly girl who got out of bed that wasnt able to sleep in this morning.
what can i say ...oh dear
The reason for the party was yesterday uni results came out, and i have to sit another exam for coding :(

Its so fustrating becuase i tried so so hard...i managed to pass classes that i didnt even attend..but the one class that i studied around the clock for all semester lets me down..the exam is also in jan so there goes my summer holidays i have to study again :( i would rather run a marathon on the dreadmill (yess dreadmill than have to do this  again.

Im also sick and have been for the last 8 to the doctor tomz, i wish i wasnt too scared to call in sick because i could use my sick leave :(

  • Just like workouts, study will be non negotiable
  • if i can achieve my running goals, when i thought they were impossible i can certainly do this with my study i just have to be that determined..
  • im going to see the doctor tomz to sort out why im always sick
  • im going to get to bed early tonight and give my body a chance to relax before i get to sleep.
  • eat more green vegies and lean protiens
  • be kind to myself
  • also i have to remember that im not the only one who has tough times... my bestie natalie is not having a joyous time at the moment please go over to her blog and give her a cyber cuddle (that sounds a little creepy doesnt it ?!)..i wish i was there to support her at the moment. Running with the wolves
and the form of wisdom..
i think this will be my motto from now on :)

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