Friday, December 3, 2010

suprise its december!

Hi everyone was your day? mine my pretty good..on my feet all day rushing around just the way i like to spend a good day you know?!
had a couple of early morning appointments to take care of then headed to the gym to meet my buddy jess, i did a body sculpt class yesterday (post still to come) and today was supposed to be strictly cardio with a touch of core strength.. but you know some days it just doesnt work for you..i felt so sore, my knees are worn and very sore, i can tell i skipped yoga and pilates this week because my muscles are super sore and my body is just over it. Considering i had the womens classic 10km on sunday i wasnt going to push myself too hard so we gave up and went to get a chai latte instead to treat ourselves becuase we both are having a rough time in the man department at the moment...but hey thats a whole other story....
After failure at gym and a yummy chai latte i stopped into visit my lovely friend brenton to get insight on the male mind and watch cricket becuse sometimes i just love to hang with the boy...we are both missing jamie so much (our other friend ) he is china at the moment teaching the wonderful is he?!

heres a picture of us three together on a road trip to a country festival last year :)

breakfast this morning was different because we are out of blueberries and pom :(
oats, apple and sultanas...
lunch was packed to go and was some alfalfa and spinach with some tuna

oh and here is another newie...coconut water, i bought 2 from the shops this one with lychee and lime and one plain one.. this one was delish :) ill have to do a post on coconut water and its health benefits..but what im telling you now is its some and see for yourself!
worked this arvo..same old.. got in did the shift and left! made some sushi for dinner (missed my post on sushi? check it out here)...
sorta felt bummed about getting slack on my workout so i decided to go for a quick run: 45mins 6km...not too bad,  considering my knees are playing up and being sore..tomz is definately a rest day before the big race!

last but not least i reterned home from my run to find this waiting for me..
excuse the gross sweatyness and lame excited childlike face
todays chocolate was an angle :) is yummy dont you think!?

question of the day please leave a comment below
do you still have an advent calender? is it a chocolate one or another sort?

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