Monday, February 28, 2011

Back to school

happy monday people!! hope yours was great, mine was :) i was busy busy busy today just the way i like it..
thankyou to lisa for suggesting some of her favouite aussie blogs, keep them coming in people i want to hear from YOU! Are you a Aussie Blogger..let me know..i dont bite :)

i woke up early this morning has today was the first day back at uni...back to 9am lectures
i didnt feel like this little guy though, i was actually really excited becuase i get to see my uni friends and get routine back in my life :) im in love with routine, some people may think that boring but thats how i roll 94% of the time as it lets me plan to get everything done and do hugely scary but great things like study 2 degrees and go to tafe at the same time as having 2 jobs....yes i am insane..but im happy so let me be!

speaking of routine my breakfast looked like this: i like weetbix and its quick for when im in a hurry!
snacks in class was possibly the sweetest honey melon i have ever was so so yum!
i had baked beans for lunch...i know sorta boring and they dont photo well as they look kinda gross so your gonna have to live without a pic. i may or may not have had 4 cookies..oops the fact that they said weight watchers on the packet convinced me to eat them i swear...oh and they are delish.

spent the arvo at work then went to the gym after demolished carrot and cumumber in the car and a protien shake to keep me going...hit the spot

its been awhile since ive been to the gym just to do my thing, usally i take a class or two or have to run on the dreadmill. Today i did 45mins cardio between the stepper and the x trainer then did a full strength training session, it was a blissful and sweaty 1.5 hours

for dinner mum made stuffed peppers, these maybe one of my favouite things to eat!

i ate two, i also had some jalna and chia afterwards.
so theres my day in food and life..nothing brilliant or exciting

Readers question...are you more tempted to eat foods that say 'diet' or 'light' or 'healthy' on the package becuase you believe they are better for you? How deciving do you find this?

Interesting fact:  Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bateria in your ear by 700 times! source
Gross image that after a sweaty run..(its not going to stop me from doing it though)

ok kids im off to bed..night. see you all tomorrow

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