Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sushi day

hi friends how was your day? today i spent the whole day at uni...i hadnt planned to but a sneaky tutorial popped up and i had to stay, which means i couldnt go to work...lucky they were ok about it...i promise it will be a one off...i may have also mumbled something about car trouble :s  a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right? i felt terrible and i shall be more organised from now on!

Anyway today i had class with my lovely friend jess..it was a huge suprise to see her there because i had no idea she was taking the subject.
(picture of us at the races last year) the sad thing is we dont get to catch up so often becuase she lives far away and as tiny amounts of uni contact hours becuase she is graduating soon...it was lovely to catch up and make dinner plans soon :)

becuase i hadnt planned on staying for the extra tute in the arvo i only brought some snacks with me,

seaweed crackers and a peach
so i had to buy lunch...not a problem i was keen for sushi anyway! but if you ask me i make it better, check out my sushi here

spent my lunch period helping sign up new members for the snow sports team and met some lovely new faces which im sure will lead to great friends!
also caught up with liana and so many other people that i hadnt seen for ages...that what i love about uni clubs it brings together similiar minded people, our club is great and we are all really good friends that also love snow!

after uni i came home and the credit card may have taken a hit from modcloth.. love that store..oh they should sponsor me! please...(hahaha i doubt it but one can hope right?). I ran 7kms tonight, it was a good run my legs felt reasonably fresh and my pace felt quicker..i really need my iphone to know that for sure..gosh!
anyway kids thats all for today im off to bed...another busy/packed/fun day tomorrow x

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  1. i need to learn how to make my own sushi! hey speaking of which, have you ever been to Sake (in The Rocks) they make THEE best Japanese over there. you must try.

    good job on your run, btw! i could use one too but my quads are calling it a rest day. :p