Wednesday, March 2, 2011

girls and margaritas

happy wednesday how did you smash it today?
today i woke up nice and early to make it to the office in time with all the peak hour traffic.. very pleased with myself!
After work today i went striaght to uni and did my cert 3 work, its getting pretty hard now as we are doing anatomy...that has never been my strong point.
I did a combat class at the gym today.. i was very impressed, it hard and the chorography was challenging but its good to have a challenge sometimes ya know!?

the highlight of the night would have to definately be dinner with the girls.. its so nice to catch up, kat even drove 2.5hours to be there !

the night was filled with laughter, a few too many drinks and crazyness! i miss these girls already

i had a chicken salad for dinner, it was huge, but i ate it all cos i was starving... :)

thats all for today kids, its super late and i am tired

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  1. dinner with the gals sounds like a perfect end to the day!!!