Friday, March 4, 2011

the day after the night before

hey friends
hows life going? thanks for all being so supportive of me having a rest day yesterday, ive been quite a stressed little chappy this week..lots of complicated stuff going on in life they may bore you all to dealth if i chose to share it with you!

I got an huge compliment yesterday... lots of people i didnt even know who did, actually read my blog, one came up to me yesterday and said 'i inspired them to get outside and go for a walk'...thats huge for me, and gives me a big goofy smile becuase thats one of the main aims of my show that hey you can be busy and still have a balanced life, that being busy is no excuse to comprimise your health.

went out to the uni bar last night, needless to say the night was messy and  i may or may not have drunk a jug of a vodka mix..there was no balance exercised during or after that if you know what i mean, anyway this morning i suffered badly when i had to be at work at 9.30! Oh well its all about being a student right?!

eats today looked like this..
breakfast i ate in the car on the way to work was an english muffin with avocado on it..
morning tea..i was craving more carbs..when people drink some really crave greasy food..not me there is nothing i wanted more than a cheesymite scroll...not my healthiest hour but hey it could have been alot worse
lunch i wasnt so hungry so i had half my salad without the tuna, i also ate this for afternoon tea..
dinner was some home fries thrown into the oven and a tomato and cucumber salad..not my finest day in health but hey....i was under the weather
needless to say kelly and i had alot in common at work today.

the older i get the more i suffer from drinking, its as though my body rejects it completely..not to mention i suffer the effects all day! gosh im about to give up and go to sleep today has been super long.

readers question... any magical 'i accidently drank too much' cures that work for you?

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