Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tonight i ran for my nan

Hi friends, hows your saturday going.. to be honest i cant wait till mine ends, mines been pretty sad.
I came home from work this afternoon to find my mum waiting for me at the table, my great nan died. She was the most amazing woman who lived a great life..she was 102 years old! Nan was a really strong lady, strong and independant, she lived most of her life by herself as her late husband died in WW2. She was a lady in every way and always wore beautiful dresses, got her hair and nails done weekly, she even while was in the nursing home she kept this up. I am very lucky to have had my great nana in my life for 22 years as im aware that many people dont even get to meet theirs, I know you all would have loved her.
I loved her very much and she always has and will inspire me to be strong and independant.

tonight i wasnt going to run, crying makes me tired and was burnt out, but i did and im glad did. I thoughout of her the whole time and she kept me going through out the run, which was at times difficult as my left calf was cramping and i did have to stop and stretch once. 7kms all up. Not bad.
Rest In Peace big nann i love you and miss you already xox

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