Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fast Food, where do you stand?

hi friends hows your saturday shaping up to be? Im has been great, i have so much to tell you all im not sure where to start!

ok well i guess ill start from the start, i woke this morning i woke up feeling like i had been hit by a truck, i was that tired!! I think it may have had something to do with last nights dinner, i debated with myself whether telling you all would have any relevance to my 'health/fitness/lifestyle blog and i came to the conclusion that im human too. Bloggers can choose what they post and a lot only choose certain meals and lifestyle traits to post becuase it fits in the image of their blog, i dont necessarily think this is a bad thing it just depends on how truthful and 'real' you want to be to your one is perfect 100% of the time and eating on the run at certain times provides obsticles. So  here goes..i hate macdonalds for dinner last night. After work it was 9pm and i hadnt eaten since 2pm, anyone who knows my eating habbits thats a long time to go without food for i was so so hungry and i had a long time to drive home so what place is open at 9.45 at night?

there is a stigma assoicated with macdonalds
but is this all or nothing attitude really necessary?
dont get me wrong i do find this picture very sad!

i can count on one hand how many times i have had macdonals this within the last 3 years. 99.9% of the time im prepared with healthier options, but once in a while this stuff is not going to kill you if you pay attention to a few small details:
  1. Frequency this is not an everyday food, not an every week food but a sometimes foods(think of the food pyramid)
  2. Prtion size yes you can super size..but do you have to? A small meal enough to statisfy your taste, eat it slowly and enjoy it.
  3. balance it out there are 600calories in a small cheese burger meal, have a lighter day in other meals, have a  salad and a high protien low calorie breakfast..theres no need to turn a one day in a while day into a total blow out.
so there go kids...

i think the reason i felt so dull this morning is due to last nights dinner, one of the reasons i dont eat it often is that apart from the nutritional status it doesnt really do anything for me.

work this morning was interesting, one of the girls resigned, and im going to miss her heaps but she has a job that she is going to be great at so i wish her all the best. my boss then turned around and offered me her hours, which are really good. the timing was great because im looking for a job at the moment. now the question i have to answer is whether i take on the hours at the shop or i do the hours (4 hrs) that i do and get a job in a medical admin job. the shop is close to uni and home. i dont know what to do, im going to sleep on it, and ill let you know what i decide...any advice/opinions would be great :) leave me a comment

with all this going on, it totally wore me out so this afternoon i found myself on the couch napping..i love to nap and am making the most of it becuase when uni starts life is going to get hectic!

i topped the day off with an great run....its been so long since i have had a great run, my body felt great, no pain and the weather was lovely.. im going to miss day light savings when it finishes, the evening is such a nice time to run. All up i did about 7kms not was good to prove to myself that i can actually do it when i put my mind to it.

im off, i have exciting news to tell you tomorrow! see you then

readers question: do you eat fast food?why/why not?

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  1. Don't get me started, Nat! where do I start(how long have you got???)? If you really knew what's in this non-food(Mc Donalds is not Food and hence fuel) Do yourself a favour, lovely; always come prepared with healthy food(apples, almonds etc. foods that nourish mind, body and soul:).