Sunday, February 20, 2011

PT here i come!

Hi there Happy Sunday! hope your all well and smiling.. i had a HUGE day today and it was awsome... a little more on that later..
Yesterdays post cause some lively discussion in facebook and comments, the ultimate message i was trying to put across is it is all about balance...that is the ultimate message of my blog by the way :) ...a little this or that wont kill you if you counter balance it with other postive things/foods/lifestyle get me? mmm k!
-however this is just  my opinion thanks everyone for their input :)

Yesterday i also promised you an announcment. Remember this post? Well im sticking to my goals and am excited to tell you all that tomorrow i start my cert 3 in fitness which is the first step of me becoming a personal trainer...yeyey!!
i already go to uni full time so when i heard that the Australian Fitness Academy offers online PT courses with added work experiance i jumped at the chance.. Am i nervous? you bet ya! but this is something i want to do. no one is going to turn around and just hand me my qualifications and there will always be excuses or not the right time to start...So why not now? ..its a question you can ask yourself to many situations you face. So wish me luck people, im so glad that i can share my experiances with you and cant wait to tell me how it all goes.

Last minute plans last night turned into a fantastic day today, i picked up my mate john and heading up to lake eildon to meet Kat to go wakeboarding for the day...gosh its so much fun but so hard (for me anyway)
note this person is not me, and does not remotly look like me attempting to wakeboard, but its fun never the less, personally i get kicks out of just sitting on the boat ...ya know im a simple girl :)
and on that note its time to inform you all that im wind burnt and wrecked..needing sleep asap..
so night all see you here tomorrow with the review of my first boot camp class of the year.

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