Friday, February 18, 2011

waaambulance,segways and bed

hi all, this is one tired girl bloging for you all tonight, i can barely keep my eyes open as i type.
i slept in today after last nights casual catch up drinks with people from coles turned in a rather late night. i headed to pilates at 12 then ran for 25mins on the dreadmill...gosh im slack, but motivation is zero at the moment. Tomorrw is a new day, and i have an 8km run planned so fingers crossed i finish it, personally i think i should just swallow a cup of concrete and harden up becuase i know that all this 'laziness' is mental.
or maybe ...
no seriously i have got to run, or this 1/2 marathon thing is not going to happen.

this afternoon i had a job...big smiley face. i used to do promo work but decided to stop after i realised the un-glam crappy work they do (yes i am a princess) but when i got a call from a girl i used to work for at tennis australia asking me to help her out with a promotion she is doing with rabo direct for the rugby i thought why not? i mean i am hardly in the situation to pass up paid work at the moment.

i had a fun time tonight! half the time i was scooting around on a segway...yes they are way cool and super fun!

and the rest of the night i was handing out free stuff to fans..everyone likes free stuff!
So there was my exciting day...maybe a little more exciting than i used to as now im wrecked

readers question: have you ever used a seqway? tell me about your experiance? working as a promo person before what did you think of the work?

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