Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Frightening Foods

hi bloggies...(dont ask..thats what im calling you, lovingly of corse).. how is tuesday going ..mine was dominated by this guy..
yes this is the lolly jar at work..one thing you may or may not know about me is I LOVE LOLLIES maybe as much as Janae but i will let her have that title over me becuase she would totally kick my butt if i tried to take that from her.. needless to say my seemingly healthy day full of

protien banana smoothies

yummy tuna salads

and fruit

went down the drain pipe becuase i proceeded to mindlessly snack on these while at my desk all afternoon...hmmmmm and what makes things worse is that today is  'designated rest day' becuase my calves have decided to become complete wimps...
ANYWAY enough body bashing i am proud of my calves they do help me do stuff and all..

You might remember my post last week when i highlighted my shock that Mc Donalds now has oatmeal..
i just couldnt believe the 'health image/trend' they were trying to create...to me it just seemed like a massive illusion...so when i saw this on fitsugar today i had to share it with you..
unbelievable..seriously if you dont have a clue about food how do you stand a chance in making correct choices?! A clever ploy my Mc Donalds to feed another market of people, directed at someone like me. But knowing this...NO THANKS! ill stick to my oats and blueberries that taste wonderfull for under 300calories and save the side of fat, the large sugar and the free calories..

want more to give you goose bumps? compared to the lollie jar and oatmeal this baby is nothing ...KFC have released a new burger made from Two fried chicken breasts, two rashes of bacon, and two slices of cheese ...vomit worthy right? WAIT look at the picture

for just over 600calories thats what you get! and how could i forget the 22.3 grams of fat??!!!
does this actually look appealing to people? really?
they also off the option to supersize your bunless burger with the Double Down Zinger, but you’ll be looking at 2515 kilojoules and 35.7 grams of fat.
burning this much off would involve working out at a high intensity for over an hour!

oh dear..
what are your thoughts?...honestly i feel this is irresponsible serving of food and should not be allowed to be mass produced, they have responsible serving of alachol laws, i feel they should also have this on food not to descriminate against certain people but to stop creating these negative health trends which do damaging effects on peoples health costing the health care system millions of dollars every year and destroying lives.

ok there is my rant for the day...


  1. take a look at these guys who do youtube vids of crazy calorie foods lol



  2. Why would you bother going to McDonalds for porridge? By the time yiu get in the car, drive there, order, wait, and drive home yiu could gave made your own, far tastier, porridge with real oats and real fruit....
    Now I want porridge with banana, berries and honey....

  3. oh my god that double down looks amazing. totally gonna smash a few of them tomorrow :)

  4. my point was lochie that doesnt it just look gross? i mean do you really wanna eat it? really? oh dear..