Thursday, March 31, 2011

Op shopping and an unexpected call

hi friends hope your day was wonderful..mine was, i met my beautiful friend catty over at the new op shop that has just opened around the corner. needless to say oh my gosh i got so many lovely things i have to share them with you
bad picture sorry, its a beautiful satin frill skirt with beaded waist, $12

high waisted tarten skirt $6

vintage stockings (not ever worn new in packets) $1 each

the bargin of the day this beautiful red coat that fits me perfectly and is 60% wool..i swear its never been worn

red high waisted skirt, notice a pattern here, i love red and i love high waisted skirts, both skirts need to be hemed but apart from that are a perfect fit.
i love op shopping its cheap so its great for students, you find unquie wonderful pieces of clothing and lastly its re you cant feel bad about your purchases ;)

in other exciting news today you will never guess who called today claiming they had a position for me...
EEEK!! I KNOW RIGHT!>?!!! i have no idea what to do, im meeting with them next week to discuss my hours. OH dear just when i was starting to settle in a routine of exercise, study and work something amazing just pops up to shake it all up..ill keep you posted on what happens

i read over at Shes a fit chick something that made me just sigh...thankgod someone else feels like i do sometimes..running is hard so many people just make it sound like it so breezy but its something that i constantly have to work at and motivate myself to do, dont get me wrong the results are wonderful but it was refreshing to hear an honest 'real' opinion be put out there..
today was one of those hard days for me, although i had a rest day yesterday my calves are still quite sore and it was hard to get through my planned 5km today. i look several stretching and walking breaks and covered almost 7.5km but i think i ran about 4km of that.. oh it seems my body is screaming for yoga, if only time would permit. So the next best thing was to ice them..whats icy? MY POOL so thats where i sank my legs in for a chilly 20mins ..

will it help i dont know..ill let you know how i feel xtraining tomorrow.

night kids xo

readers question:
do you op shop? whats your best find?
any tips for relieving DOMS?

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