Friday, April 1, 2011

lawn bowling with LUSTIES

hi friends sorry about being MIA on thursday but i have a wonderful excuse..!!We had the start of year launch for our snow sports team. We always go to do lawn bowls, dress up, and drink heaps..its so much fun and was in no state to write a post when i got i am terribly sorry.

i have also been really struggling with the running thing this week, not through lack of motivation but from severe muscle soreness. i have decided that this whole training thing is a 7 day a week thing, by that i dont mean running every day but including yoga and streches and swims/icing ect...i do a proper post and work out the game plan becuase the way im going im not going to be able to run very far for long!

back to lawn bowls this was my outfit.. i bought the skirt from the op shop and borrowed my brothers cricket jumper, not quite what my nana would wear to play lawn bowls but hey i had to out my own twist on it!
yes we are drunk posers, no we are not ashamed at all :)
we later got in trouble for standing on the green with out shoes...and drinking on it...oops.

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