Friday, April 15, 2011

CPR training and sleep deprivation..

HAPPY FRIDAY! thank god its here, what a crazy week... let me just re-cap it for you
Monday: uni, 1hr cycle 10pm netball game..late night
Tuesday:worked at the shop all night with my friend mel and her hubby..another late night
Wednesday: full day at uni followed by a late bikram class with the Pearson street family..the class finished at 10! it was 11 by the time i got home
Thursday: uni, followed by a meeting with my ex (dont ask!) then a lovely night out for dinner and then followed by the comedy home at 12 eeek!

so this morning when i had to wake up at 6.30am to be at my first aid course by 9am..i was feeling quite tired..needless to say i spent the whole day feeling like this..

but that aslide i actually had a good day and learnt quite a lot..Today u attended
today i took this course to make one more step to become a personal trainer..its also a good just to know this sorta stuff too ya know?! just in case ...

it was a combined CPR and first aid training course and it went all day..we learnt how exactly to do CPR and we got to practice on the dummies..

we also learnt how to bandage people name it i can bandage it now...(dont let your mind go there... GOSH!!!)
So there ya go thats what ive been doing all day, and after a long long long drive home all i can think of doing is collapsing on the couch and see as my legs are achy from...(well god knows exactly) im taking tonight off to sit on the couch in the hopes that i will feel rested enough to run the run for the kids on the weekend.. Hopefully next week my body is back to its springy self becuase being achy and sore all the time is sorta bringing me down...
anyway this is turning into a pity party and  i have valueable time to catch up with my couch :)
have a lovely weekend friends see you all tomorrow xo

Something to think about:

"Shine light in at your darkness and your darkness cannot survive the light."

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