Monday, April 11, 2011

sad runner

There are no failures in this world only people that give up... 'unknown'

So if your not up with the 8 ball about me and my injury check it out here. Im currently finding it really hard to 'rest'.. im used to vigoras cardio and lifting heavy weights...i like to sweat ok?! So today i found myself at the gym this afternoon i knew that the usal step class that i take would be out of the question..that left me to either 'walk in the dredmill' (why would i do that in the gym?!), cycle and stretch. i was advised not to use the cross trainer till later on in the week so that was excluded from today. Something you should know amount me: i dont like to cycle very much, its my least fav things to do...
So for an hour today i sat upright cycling on the about boring. Anyway the rest of the week exercise wise looks like this:
tuesday: swim
wednesday: hot yoga
thursday: more hot yoga or possibly another cycle
friday: either rest or cross train/cycle
saturday small cycle and walk.
sunday: race day eeek i hope i can move!

i never thought id be more keen to run than i actually am...what do they say? absence makes the heart grow fonder...? well i miss running thats for sure and am going nuts without it. Im also keen to to give up on running this race, becuase honestly im really looking forward to it......hmmm time will tell i suppose.

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